Renovation ROI

The Renovations That Will Get You the Most for Your Money

If you are planning to sell your house, you should try to increase its value before you invite potential buyers. Research shows that you can increase the value of your home by carrying out kitchen, bathroom and garage remodeling. Specifically, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the type of home renovations that guarantees a greater return on the money spent.

Understanding from an inspection point of view what types of renovations will bring you the best bang for the buck, we reached out to the top home inspector in Dallas for some ideas that you can start using today to bring up the value of your home prior to putting it on the market.

Home Demolition

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How to Aerate Your Lawn

Make A Healthy Lawn

Ever wondered why your neighbor’s lawn is much healthier and greener than yours? Perhaps they have an expert gardener taking care of their lawn, or they have a secret formula that enhances the growth and health of the grass in their lawn. No matter what the reason may be, a beautiful and healthy lawn is the result of proper care and nourishment of your lawn. Aside from watering our lawn to keep it healthy, aeration is the other way of keeping our grass healthy. For this reason, you need to understand how to aerate your lawn.

Water is what our grass need as their basic food to grow healthy and stronger. A thoroughly watered lawn will eventually result in a green and luscious one as it helps in improving the health of the root thus making it stronger and healthier.

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Get Rid of Weeds the Easy Way

Weeds In Your Garden?

A beautiful garden goes a long way in adorning your home and will have you wanting to spend all of your days lazing on your lawn with a great book but having pesky weeds all around your garden can be a game changer. Every garden lover knows just how much of a nightmare weeds can be but fear no more because here are a few of the best ideas for organic homemade weed killer.

weeds in sidewalk

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Ideas on How To Update Your Patio

Does Your Patio Need A Facelift?

There are different tips and tricks to freshen up worn and dated areas in your garden like your patio and deck. Depending on your budget and personal taste there are many ways of updating your patio.


One of the best ways to update your outside living areas is to replace tired and worn outdoor furniture, choosing from the many hundreds of different designs available in the marketplace. This, however, is the most expensive option so would not be the option that is available to everyone.

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Clever Home Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling Ideas That Are Stylish, Yet Very Affordable

Home is where most people consider their sense of space and where we all go at the end of the day or where we’ll spend most of our time after retirement. Our homes give a sense of belonging and can even be considered as a safe haven for some. This, therefore, brings about the need to make it a place that is relaxing with a great ambiance yet sophisticated to our sense of style.


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Bathroom Services

Caulking A Bathtub How To Instructions

A bathroom is a place of great activity in most households.  When it comes to showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, everyone needs to use them and depending on how many you have in your home you may have to schedule times to make sure everyone gets their turn.   So with that said your bathroom is one room in the house that typically gets way more traffic than you have ever given much thought.


Today we are going to discuss the caulking around the bathtub and how to re-caulk it to make things look fresh and new again as well as to prevent water damage from occurring to the walls around the tub, as well as to the subfloor.

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