How to Wash the Windows of Your Home Effectively

Cleaning The Windows

Take a moment to picture this: you’ve sent a huge chunk of your monthly wage on a window cleaner. And, for a few moments, you can swell with pride as they sparkle and gleam like a fresh new window in a home where advert. But then it rains. There are lines and streaks of dried rain are spoiling your glistening shine they deserve. Here are a few nifty tips and tricks that will save you pennies and offer you the perfect finish any house-proud owner would love.


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Renovation ROI

The Renovations That Will Get You the Most for Your Money

If you are planning to sell your house, you should try to increase its value before you invite potential buyers. Research shows that you can increase the value of your home by carrying out kitchen, bathroom and garage remodeling. Specifically, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the type of home renovations that guarantees a greater return on the money spent.

Understanding from an inspection point of view what types of renovations will bring you the best bang for the buck, we reached out to the top home inspector in Dallas for some ideas that you can start using today to bring up the value of your home prior to putting it on the market.

Home Demolition

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Ideas on How To Update Your Patio

Does Your Patio Need A Facelift?

There are different tips and tricks to freshen up worn and dated areas in your garden like your patio and deck. Depending on your budget and personal taste there are many ways of updating your patio.


One of the best ways to update your outside living areas is to replace tired and worn outdoor furniture, choosing from the many hundreds of different designs available in the marketplace. This, however, is the most expensive option so would not be the option that is available to everyone.

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Clever Home Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling Ideas That Are Stylish, Yet Very Affordable

Home is where most people consider their sense of space and where we all go at the end of the day or where we’ll spend most of our time after retirement. Our homes give a sense of belonging and can even be considered as a safe haven for some. This, therefore, brings about the need to make it a place that is relaxing with a great ambiance yet sophisticated to our sense of style.


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