How to Wash the Windows of Your Home Effectively

Cleaning The Windows

Take a moment to picture this: you’ve sent a huge chunk of your monthly wage on a window cleaner. And, for a few moments, you can swell with pride as they sparkle and gleam like a fresh new window in a home where advert. But then it rains. There are lines and streaks of dried rain are spoiling your glistening shine they deserve. Here are a few nifty tips and tricks that will save you pennies and offer you the perfect finish any house-proud owner would love.


Pressure Washing – For Fast and Furious
If you have the luxury of owning or affording a pressure washer, this will be the most cost and time effective tool you could own. Especially when you are doing your initial wipe down or final rinse off.
While all pressure washers are different it is important to read the instructions carefully. When you are certain you understand the functions, this would be a very useful tool for you. However, you can also use an old bucket and a new broom to rinse and wipe if you have a tight budget.
The Kitchen – The Cheap and Cheerful
Although you may not think it, your kitchen is a treasure trove of useful ingredients you can compile to rid your windows of any smear that may assault your windows. Wonder in there now. You can use anything slightly acidic such as apple cider vinegar to wipe away any filth left. For the best results using a small circular motion is ideal, not only will this the acid strip the dirt away but the circular motion will polish the window in a similar way to polishing shoes. (And if you don’t polish your shoes like this, you should)
Please note: The ingredient you buy must only have a small concentration of acid and a high density of acid will comprise the integrity of the glass and may corrode the window sill.
Newspaper for the Post Polish and Shine Up
For those of you who have glasses, you will be familiar with the silk-based cloth to clear your vision when our lenses are covered. However, this can be expensive and will not always offer you a clean finish all the time and therefore it is not recommended for your windows. Instead, an old newspaper will be your friend. As the newspaper is so dry it will absorb any excess moisture your window will have, you are will have an even and polished finish, perfect for your complementing the rest of your house.
The Final Result
Using these tips we recommend the most effective strategy for your perfect windows would be; the pressure washer, your kitchen tools, another hit from your pressure washer with a final polish with your newspaper. For extra shine qualities use the circular motion as this will enhance the overall look. Be proud of your windows again without having to spend a small fortune. So go on, give it a try.





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