The Renovations That Will Get You the Most for Your Money

If you are planning to sell your house, you should try to increase its value before you invite potential buyers. Research shows that you can increase the value of your home by carrying out kitchen, bathroom and garage remodeling. Specifically, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the type of home renovations that guarantees a greater return on the money spent.

Understanding from an inspection point of view what types of renovations will bring you the best bang for the buck, we reached out to the top home inspector in Dallas for some ideas that you can start using today to bring up the value of your home prior to putting it on the market.

Home Demolition

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen RemodelKitchen remodeling could help increase the value of your home by a big margin. Replacing the sinks and counter tops and repairing cabinets are some of the things you should do increase the value of your home.

The kitchen layout is the most important aspect; carefully choose where to place large appliances. The utensils, the pans, the pots should be kept where they can easily be retrieved and used.  Kitchen remodeling should aim at optimizing the space so that it can meet your family needs. Stack shelves and counters high on the walls to create space, which can accommodate members of your family.  Consider adopting the 70-year-old concept; popularly referred to as the work triangle. It connects the 3 main areas: the stove, the sinks, and the refrigerator. The distance between the three areas should not be less than 3 feet, but should not exceed 9 feet.

Countertops and cabinets

Consider replacing your counters with marble and granite countertops. Also, think about installing frosted cabinets because they add a modern element to the kitchen.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling will, certainly, improve the value of your home if it is done by an expert. The bathroom surface determines the overall aesthetic of the house. Use porcelain tiles because they are beautiful and elegant. Use larger tiles because they minimize the grout lines and are easy to clean. Install porcelain sinks to make the bathroom appealing.

As you renovate the bathroom, you need to carefully choose the faucets, the toilet, and showerheads. They should all be water efficient. Choose low-flow showerheads to reduce water bills.

Replacing Old Siding

To replace the old siding, it will cost a pretty penny. Homeowners who replace old siding recover about 83% of what they spend. The new siding improves the appearance of the home and makes it more appealing. Talk to home inspectors Dallas about the colors you can use to help improve the appearance of your house.

Garage Remodeling

If your house is facing a street, a new garage door can help improve its value a great deal. The improvement will guarantee a high return of about 87% at resale if it is done by an expert.

Installing wood floors

Wooden floorsInstalling wooden floors is a pretty big expense, but homeowners will recoup about 91% when they sell the home. Homes will always attract buyers if the floors are wooden. Oak is the most popular wood used in flooring. It is a little bit expensive but you will recoup the money you spent when you sell the house.


An insulation upgrade adds value to the house and can help homeowners recoup about 95% of the cost at resale. Valuers look at whether the home is energy efficient or not before determining its current market price. Homes that are insulated are therefore considered energy efficient and are highly demanded.

Painting the house

Before you invite DFW home seekers, ensure that the house is given a new coat of paint. Also, ensure that you refinish the hardwood floors to make the paint look appealing. There is no other investment that guarantees a bigger ROI in real assets than paint.

Replacing the roof

A new roof is yet another significant expense depending on the size of the home but typically helps the homeowner a recoup about 105% at resale. However, you need to remember that buyers are not interested in a new roof but they want to know whether the roof is working or not.

Keep in mind that home improvements should be done by a professional. Dont cut corners and find yourself like some of these folks that end up on a funny blooper video of home improvement fails.  It is somewhat funny to watch a few of these.  Go ahead laugh at someone else’s expense.

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