How to Wash the Windows of Your Home Effectively

Cleaning The Windows

Take a moment to picture this: you’ve sent a huge chunk of your monthly wage on a window cleaner. And, for a few moments, you can swell with pride as they sparkle and gleam like a fresh new window in a home where advert. But then it rains. There are lines and streaks of dried rain are spoiling your glistening shine they deserve. Here are a few nifty tips and tricks that will save you pennies and offer you the perfect finish any house-proud owner would love.


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Tips On How To Soft Wash Your Roof

Start With The Roof

Soft wash roof cleaning is a word we come across anytime we are looking for roof cleaning options.  When you start dealing with your roof, you want to make sure it stays in great shape, as it is what ultimately keeps your and all of your stuff dry and out of the elements.  Knowing this is a job for a professional, we turned to Jeremey that does commercial pressure washing in Houston to give us a few great tips on how to properly pressure wash a roof.


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Sealcoating Your Parking Lot

Does Your Parking Lot Need A Facelift?

Sealcoating your parking lot is definitely a great way to protect your asphalt surface as well. Sealcoating your asphalt will help protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and also keep any water from entering small cracks in the pavement.  It is advised that this is a huge job for a newbie or a DIYer, so it is best to hire a professional to do the job.  Brandon from sealcoat Houston gives is some more information on the seal coat process.

The asphalt seal coating material needs to be mixed to the manufacturer specifications. The seal coat material needs to be applied in two coats. The first coat of sealer should be applied with a squeegee to push the sealer into the cracks of the pavement. The next coat may be applied using a spray technique. The spray of the seal coat ensures a uniform coat over the entire asphalt surface. Be sure to allow the proper drying time of the seal coat before using the asphalt pavement.

asphalt paving

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Parking Lot Maintenance

Why Start A Parking Lot Maintenance Company?

Parking lot maintenance can include things like striping, sweeping, power washing and more items.  We reached out to Jerry from Parking Lot Striping Fort Worth to understand what it will take to get into the parking lot maintenance business.

As with any new business startup, without a basic understanding of the job, one can be left stranded in large amounts of startup debt. Here are some great tips and techniques for you to absolutely win in this business.

Parking Lot
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